7 ways you can help your local restaurant during Covid-19

Most are free and can be done during self-isolation

Updated on 13 March 2020

7 ways you can help your local restaurant during Covid-19

The effects of Coronavirus on the hospitality industry have been worsening as more and more people decide to self-quarantine. Across the globe restaurants have been battling with the decrease in the number of customers with some, such as those in Chinatown, London deciding to close completely during this time to minimise the financial impact that panic and uncertainty around Covid-19 is having on their businesses.

This downturn in restaurant and event bookings has prompted us at SquareMeal to appeal for your help in supporting the industry during this testing time, not by putting yourself at risk, but by taking some time to do something small. These local businesses, their owners and their staff are all facing a tough time right now, but by following one or more of these small suggestions, you can help make things a little easier. And the best part is that most won’t cost you anything. 

Like, share and comment on their social posts

Whether it’s announcing a new menu, sharing a photo of a signature dish or just wishing you a happy weekend, responding to social posts from your local restaurant, bar or venue will increase their post engagements and broaden their audience. It’s quick and free and allows you to show some solidarity with the hospitality industry with just a couple of clicks.

Post a review

Restaurants really appreciate feedback, so if you can write and post just one review of somewhere you’ve eaten and enjoyed recently, it would really help. Not only will potential diners benefit from your valuable feedback on where to eat in your local area, it also gives the restaurant and its employees a nice morale boost. We love it when SquareMeal readers write reviews on our website, but whether it’s on our site, a similar website or on social media, the most important thing is to just write one.

Post a foodie pic

Just realised you didn’t post a pic of your dessert from that restaurant you visited recently? It’s not too late – post it now and tag the restaurant. It’s sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Sign up to a newsletter or two

If it’s a favourite restaurant you might be signed up already, but if you’re not and you want to take your support to the next level then why not sign up to its newsletter? Most ensure those on their mailing lists are the first to find out about exclusive events and new menus while some even include discount vouchers.

Consider your plans to cancel

Health is, of course, paramount and we would never want anyone to put themselves or others at risk. But if you do have a restaurant reservation and feel it’s safe to venture out, consider sticking with your plans rather than cancelling. 

Be kind

Whether it’s showing some love on Facebook or Twitter, or just an extra smile or thank you at a restaurant, a few kind words can make all the difference when things seem bleak. If you just make one additional kind gesture, it’s likely to go a long way.

Share this message

We’re trying to spread the word about showing support for the hospitality industry, but we can’t do it without you. Whether you are a regular booker, occasional diner, or work in the industry, we would really appreciate your help in sharing this article.