12 of the best waterside restaurants in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination all year round, and with good reason. It packs excitement, attractions and good food into a relatively dense, certainly unique city, with water views adding further spectacle. Here are eleven great waterside rest

Updated on 09 August 2021

12 of the best waterside restaurants in Hong Kong

Almalfitana restaurant interior bar area


What is it: A pizzeria somewhere between a diner and a bar, characterised by heavy stools and a nice informal vibe. The pizzas are well presented and interesting.

Order this: Carbonara with pork cheek


Bathers seafood spread on table


What is it: A loud and peppy waterside restaurant and a notable pit stop for families and young couples during the day.

Order this: Chilled poached salmon salad


Ben's Back Beach Bar

What is it: A popular brick-walled bar in an island village, with high seating and hikers kicking back after their exercise on the local Dragon's Back trail.

Order this: Affordable drinks and noodles


Harbour Grill

What is it: A restaurant that makes a virtue of floor-to-ceiling glass near Whampoa Station, directly adjacent to the harbour and the water.

Order this: A variety of beef, lamb and fish from the grill, alongside soups and salads


King Ludwig Beerhall

What is it: A majestic bar of polished wood and steeped ceilings, offering cuisine from around the world.

Order this: Sashimi-style tuna with an ale of your choice



What is it: A relaxed escapist restaurant with a cool laid back vibe in the heart of Hong Kong's mall of waterside restaurants, The Pulse, overlooking Repulse Bay. Food draws on a mix of influences from South East Asia, Hawaii, South America and the Caribbean.

Order this: Turmeric and coriander sea bream or Limewood seafood platter

Ming Kee

What is it: A strikingly blue seaside restaurant on the remote Po Toi Island, offering homey fare and great beach access.

Order this: Hong Kong favourites and plenty of beer


Nadaman restaurant dark red interior long window view

Nadaman at Kowloon

What is it: One of several quiet waterside restaurants, offering its own little piece of the coast, serving well-reputed East Asian dishes.

Order this: Teppanyaki of any kind: beef, seafood, or even vegetable


Watermark restaurant interior dining room with sea view


What is it: A fancy, well-lit continental restaurant with quintessential views of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.

Order this: Steak


The Verandah – Repulse Bay

What is it: The quiet flap of ceiling fans and a grand piano in the entrance set the romantic if bygone tone in the refined Repulse Bay, but it is the glitzy view of the bay from the terrace which is the real scene-stealer.

Order this: Oysters or a seafood grill


The Boathouse

What is it: A restaurant inspired by other coasts. Its square construction and blue awning make it more hometown pub than metro restaurant, but its food is more sophisticated and draws from a variety of European cuisines and beyond. Well worth the trip to Stanley.

Order this: The chef-recommended African chicken


Chuen Kee

What is it: A restaurant in the heart of the waterfront; unassuming yet popular, and a kitchen that knows how to handle seafood.

Order this: Mantis shrimp or spotted prawns